Dripping resurfaced with 30% more cases found around the world

Causes of measles last 30% last year, and in several countries there are "prolonged and serious" spikes for various reasons that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced yesterday.

"Obesity is a major concern for us, especially because it is also happening in countries that have eliminated or are about to eradicate this disease," said Martin Friede, WHO Director for Vaccination and Vaccination, at a press conference in Geneva. ,

According to data, all regions reported cases of measles that reached 173,000 worldwide in 2017 compared to 132,000 last year.

The American continent was among the highest number of cases, especially in Venezuela and the neighboring countries, which received a large proportion of Venezuelans who left their country in the last two years.

There are no measles cases in Chile since 2016 and the last outbreaks (between 2003 and this year) were caused by infections outside the country.

Africa has also witnessed the recovery of cases related to forced resettlement, conflict and poverty, situations that make areas where immunization coverage is low.

However, the World Health Organization said relapse to measles, a highly contagious disease that can have serious consequences, is not only in crisis situations and poverty but also in industrialized countries with "good coverage and hygienic surveillance."

An example is the case of Germany, where there are groups that refuse to vaccinate children, due to the mistrust that a few years ago began to create the supposed experts who combined a measles vaccine with suspected serious side effects.

Sarampin is a totally preventive disease and two doses of the vaccine can be ruled out for life.

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