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Eight trucks were burned in Forestal Arauco

At least eight trucks, except mobile devices they were burned during the opening hours of this Thursday on the "Curihuillin" farm, belonging to Forestal Arauco and located in the village Los Alamos, Region Biobío.

According to the first records, there was an incident around 2:30 pm when an indeterminate number premunidos objects of long and hooded weapons It reached the Los Cambuchos sector and set fire machines.

“We had an arson attack on the forest property that belongs to Forestal Arauco, where he worked supply company Lebu, which was attacked in the morning for a certain number of people, according to information provided by a person on duty, "Governor Arauco confirmed, María Belgium Tripailaf.

According to preliminary information, the burned machines belong to the companies Antilemu, Moraga, Cotal and Forescenter.

Until the place moved Investigation Police (PDI) and Carabineros in place.

Until this note is published there was no arrest or injury.

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