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Endometriosis: "It was a relief that I knew I was not mad", a testimony by a young woman who has been diagnosed for 7 years

The menstrual pain suffered by the 24-year-old British woman, Alex Roach, was such that she prevented him from doing his everyday tasks.

But doctors diagnosed her as something that happened to "women."

The young woman had to wait seven years and consult with many doctors to find out why she suffers so much: she had endometriosis.

It is the illness it causes the inner layer that covers the uterus develops in other parts of the body, and can lead to infertility.

This Brit is not the only one who has problems with diagnostics. The UK health authorities demand greater awareness of health professionals and health professionals to better understand the disorder.


Roach, working at Cardiff's law office in Wales, told the BBC that her problems began when she was given a menstrual period when she was a student.

And "it was not a typical colic, it was a pain," he says.

"Many doctors told me that I was a woman that had happened and that for some it was painful."

Her family brought her to the gynecologists, but for years they still did not know what caused this enormous pain, interfered with his participation in school and his activities,

"In those years, I have never heard of endometriosis," he says.

The doctor eventually proposed laparoscopy, a reconnaissance procedure in which the camera is inserted into the abdomen.

The surgeon was not an expert on endometriosis and said he had found nothing. So a young woman continued to use the hormonal contraceptive prescribed to her.

When she was in her second year of study, she underwent another laparoscopy with a specialist on endometriosis, and finally, when she was 20 years old – seven years after her first stomach pain – she diagnosed her.

"The news was pretty hot, it was a relief when I knew I was not a fool," says Alex.


What is endometriosis?

  • It is a disorder in which the tissue of the uterine lining (endometrium) develops outside the uterus, such as in the ovaries or in the ovaries.
  • It mainly affects girls and young women of reproductive age. This is uncommon in women who have had menopause.
  • This is a long-term disorder that can have a major impact on everyday life, but there are treatments that can help.
  • Symptoms include: Lower or abdominal pain, which often gets worse during menstruation, pain while walking in the bathroom, nausea, constipation, diarrhea or blood in urine during menstruation, difficulty getting pregnant.
  • In some women, endometriosis can lead to depression.

Diagnostics and surgery

Roach underwent surgery after diagnosis.

"Half of the left side of my organs merged (due to scarring and clustering), I had cysts, I had internal bleeding, I did all the things I did not expect," he says.

She was later operated on bile stones and her gall bladder was removed due to the hormone problems she is taking.

Over the diagnosis, five doctors families they told him there were no physical causes and only when he paid for the scanner found he had a huge cyst that was subsequently removed.


Roach now believes that there should be a greater understanding of this disease affecting one in ten women and the impact it has on life.

A young woman does not know if she will need more surgery in the future and does not know what her chances of having children are.

"It must be a confirmation lack is done for identify and diagnose the disease"It is terrible to suffer from these pains, but it is even worse when I have no idea why they are," he says.

"It is the main cause of infertility, and if I had been diagnosed before, I would make a huge difference in the lives and lives of many women, except that I avoided the damage that caused me."

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