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Espina explained to Black and White the situation of those who finished the contract: "We trust your criteria"

Edmundo Valladares, elected by the president of the Colo Colo Sports and Social Club and the director of the concessionaire on behalf of the company, supported several points that touched today's meeting with regard to the continuity of players who will close their bonds in December.

This afternoon, in the office of Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, was awarded an expanded soccer committee where the entire directories of Blanco y Negro and the sports manager Marcelo EspinaReason? Check the situation of players who have terminated the Colo Colo contract: Agustín Orión, Julio Barroso, Gonzalo Fierro and César Pinares,

At the end of the meeting, not attended by Aníbal Mosa, Daniel Morón and Leonardo Battaglia, Edmundo Valladares, the President elected by the Colo Colo Society and Sports Club and the Concessionaire Director on behalf of the company, explained what the session was about.

"It was a meeting to gain insight, he expressed all confidence and support in Marcelo Espin as a sports manager. It's nothing to do, it's not something to solve overnight, We fully trust Marcelo's sporting criteria. This is the conclusion. It's a topic that is not resolved, "he said.

Besides, from those who signed the contract, he said that "In every job, insecurity is part of, but players who are calm, you have to play on Sundays and the process will take place gradually. At least that was what I said, and Marcel's work would be respected. "

Is there a deadline? "There is no date set. It is necessary for the questions to be resolved in December to be logical, but there is no deadline at all. The most important thing is that there is a sports management and technical secretariat that monitors a large number of players who give the names of technicians and footballers. He generally supported this work, "he said.

He pointed out in the search for DT "Marcelo will have to deliver contributions, names what works, and then the board will have to confirm. We hope this Technical Secretariat will have the authority. We will respect the roles. "

Finally, and especially in the case of Fierro, he warned "We have to worry about Gonzalo and the people who gave Colo Colo a lot. No doubt."

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