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Everton turned the live hit and closed the fourth loss Colo Colo

Everton He turned a lively encounter before Colo Colo at the Sausalito Stadium in Viña del Mar, a he beat 3-2, the closing of the fourth consecutive defeat of "albos" and the third in Summer tournament Viña del Mar, "Warriors" ratified with their triumph their state of the final of the competition.

The match started very favorably for the "albos", which, despite having failed the ball from the start, found himself Esteban Pavez, after a dazzling defensive line from the home side's jersey had a free kick in a decent position out in the middle, but did not get the shot away Carlos Moreno (11 & # 39;).

It helped "cacique" grow in confidence and that players who were in debt Marcos Bolados and Andrés Vilches other options will be generated, the second in its 34th round after the second goal, the big Bolad game itself.

Before the end of the initial break, Everton received a discount, the company's work Álvaro Madrid, which seemed to be ahead, at a meeting that absolutely dominated the painting of Mario's rooms, though viñamarina did not play a bad game.

Already in the replenishment that is governed by the Uruguayan Gustavo Díaz they abandoned everything they wanted to return, which began in the 58's to gesture with the aim of their magnificent figure, Maximiliano Cerato, who left the uncertainty in Sausalito.

Those from Macula began to be inaccurate and uncertain after the exit Jorge Valdivia, and the ball started to "burn on the feet" of the players, a situation that was shown in ls 79's with the fault of the goalkeeper Agustín Orión, which indicates that the same offense was committed.

"Reliefs", which were already in full confidence at that time, did not hesitate to use this "gift" and Juan Cuevas He started the final 3-2 in 81 ', out of 12 steps.

After Colo Colo's final collapse, with claims from Salas and Valdivie from the bench, which caused the "magician" to be expelled a few minutes from the end, which passed without the new marker movement.

With this result, The "popular" box farewell to the tournament, while the Evertonians will play this Saturday at 19:05 at the end of the Catholic University,


Colo Colo (2): Agustín Orión; Felipe Campos, Matías Zaldivia, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Ronald De la Fuente; Esteban Pavez, Gabriel Suazo, Marcos Bolados, Jorge Valdivia, José Aguilera; and Andrés Vilches. DT: Mario Salas.

Everton (3): Carlos Moreno, Álvaro Madrid, Basil San Juan, Marcos Velásquez, Álex Ibacache; Gonzalo Freitas, Benjamin Berrios, Maximiliano Cerato; Álvaro Ramos, Sergio Vergara and Juan Cuevas. DT: Gustavo Díaz.

Objectives: 1-0: 11 Esteban Pavez, 2-0: 34 & # 39; Andrés Vilches (COL); 1-2: 42 & # 39; Alvaro Madrid, 2-2: 56 & # 39; Maximiliano Cerato, 3-2: 82 & Juan Cuevas.

Yellow cards: 73 Bastian San Juan (EVE); 80 Agustín Orión (COL).

Red cards: It was not.

Referee: César Deischler

Stadium: Sausalito, Viña del Mar.

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