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Shortly after a small offer Amazon Prime consolidated streaming service proposal. Not only does his catalog include several original series of critically acclaimed and award-winning Emmys, but also an interesting selection of classic films that can only be accessed through their platform.

In this scenario, his catalog is still expanding to install it as one of the best streaming alternatives, an area that continues to add to competition because it represents a cake in which everyone wants a piece.

We will also review what Amazon Streaming currently offers.


For example, in the range of the original series, it includes its offer Great Maisel, the winner as the best comedy in the latest release of the Emmy Awards, in addition to a glorified action Jack Ryan, drama Homecoming with Julia Roberts, bet on Romanoffs created by the creator Mad Men. There is also dystopia The man in the castle, adult fantasy American gods who is currently preparing his new season, anthology for sci-fi Electric dreams, superhero adaptation Thick, dramedie Mozart in the jungle and, of course, his first laborer: Transparent,

But Prime Video also has several series that are currently developing and belonging to several television networks in the United States, as is the case with the praise of the drama This is us, adaptation Preacher, spinoff Cleaning, Mr. Robot and a series like Good wife, house, charming, Friday night light, heroes, damage and Downton AbbeyThey even have a part of the Japanese series

There are also classic comedies and recent hits, including major ones Seinfeld, classic Mr. Bean, American version Office, cult proposal Commonwealth O Parks and recreationIt also belongs here Nanny, two and a half men, big bang theory, rap prince and Marriage with children,

And although in the anime area its offer is a little owed with powerful titles, in the animated series at least have episodes SpongeBob, Inspector Gadget, Avatar: Legend of Aang, Legend of Korah, Popeye classic and a couple of seasons PokémonHere is your biggest debt in the future.


Beginning, Amazon has a very recent release, as is the case with terror Hereditary, which emerged a few months ago on the Blu-Ray market or the latest Ridley Scott movie, All the money in the worldBut also many popular movies or real classics in an extensive catalog that brings pages and navigation pages divided into recommendations as well as genres.

There is so much that we only leave the list of the first 100 that caught our attention. We believe that it focuses on films that were released after the 1980s, as unfortunately.

  1. Godfather
  2. Godfather 2
  3. Godfather 3
  4. Vertigo
  5. Where is Pilot
  6. Caracortada
  7. Shark
  8. Batman returns
  9. Schindler's list
  10. Breakfast at the Tiffany Hotel
  11. Blade
  12. The Grinch
  13. Thing
  14. American werewolf in London
  15. Captured without output
  16. How beautiful it is to live
  17. Naked lunch
  18. Dogs out of the street
  19. Amadeus
  20. Dune
  21. Star Trek
  22. Top Gun
  23. Kickboxer
  24. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  25. Shaun from the dead
  26. Hot Fuzz
  27. The Incredible Hulk
  28. Hulk
  29. Security
  30. Requiem for the dream
  31. Gone Baby Gone
  32. Back to Future 1, 2, and 3
  33. The whole saga of Indiana Jones
  34. No land for old men
  35. Kill account
  36. Project Florida
  37. Bloody oil
  38. Children of man
  39. JFK
  40. Pi
  41. Moon
  42. Brazil
  43. Hellboy
  44. Wings of desire
  45. Che
  46. The last emperor
  47. Assassins by Nature
  48. Inherent vice
  49. Captain Phillips
  50. Once in America
  51. Nude Angels
  52. American beauty
  53. Gattaca
  54. Moneyball
  55. 8 miles
  56. Atonement
  57. A big fish
  58. Bastards without glory
  59. Brokeback Mountain
  60. Base
  61. Fire against fire
  62. Truman Show
  63. Panic and Madness in Vegas
  64. The last of the Mohicans
  65. Gladiator
  66. Fire man
  67. I'm looking
  68. Water World
  69. Event Horizon
  70. Sin City
  71. Wild things
  72. Tropical thunder
  73. Ghost Rider
  74. Tully
  75. The wilderness
  76. pride and Prejudice
  77. Jango without strings
  78. Social network
  79. Eternal glow of mind without memories
  80. Closer
  81. The Castaway
  82. Legends of passion
  83. Pelea Club
  84. Grab me if she does
  85. Munich
  86. Donnie Brasco
  87. Apollo 13
  88. Forrest Gump
  89. Inside a person
  90. Bridget Jones
  91. Maze
  92. Five fast
  93. The edge of tomorrow
  94. Interstellar
  95. John Wick 2
  96. Valerij and the City of the Thousand Planets
  97. All puppies go to heaven
  98. Mi Villano Favorites
  99. Sleepy Hollow
  100. Sacrificial deer sacrifice

Generally, and given the original content and licensed content, Prime Video is so appealing that it considers it an alternative. Keep in mind, unlike Netflix, it does not allow the creation of more than one profile in the account.

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