Giorgio Jackson: "If Palma Salamanca was a killer Jaime Guzmán, he must come to serve the punishment" – Informant Tvn


Deputy Democratic Revolution, Giorgio Jackson, tonight he talked about different topics with Matías del Río in the new chapter Informant.

IN Occasionally, the parliamentary and former student leaders referred to the situation of the former frontier in France Ricardo Palma Salamanca; reports from Frente Amplio; president of Sebastián Piñer announced his pension reform and his plans to leave Parliament after the second term of office he currently holds.

After the disturbance caused by the revelation of the deputy Gabriel Boric Regarding the meeting in France with Senator Jaime Guzmán's crime writer, Jackson quickly made clear that in his opinion "talking to someone does not make you any complicated situation we wanted to suggest."

Deputy Jackson and Boric Meet Palma Salamanca: "It caused the same stir when the UDI visited Pinochet in London"

MEP analyzed the crashes after a visit of former predecessor convicted of the murder of Jaime Guzmán.

Former President Feuc said that "the atmosphere was tightened" as a result of this, but stressed that Boric's law did not violate the separation of state power. In this connection, he quoted August Pinochet as he was detained in London (England), noting that the efforts of our country and the dictator's return to Chile meant "there is no separation of the state."

Additionally, Boric advocated that his meeting with Palma Salamanca was not made as a representative of state power. "To know Gabriel, I know he has a great interest in knowing the processes to get the process," he explains what happened.

Giorgio Jackson on Salamanca's Palladium Asylum: "If he were a murderer, he probably must return to serve the punishment"

MEP Frente Amplio mentioned the French Asylum response to the former President, who was sentenced for the murder of Jaime Guzmán.

Finally, he stressed that "what is troubling about Salma Palamanca's request is that France questions the ability of the Chilean state to carry out the due process." Of course he stressed that "in the case of Jaime Guzman, although it is against my reference, he is the one who has to respect him."

He also assured him that, in his opinion, "if Palma Salamanca was a murderer, he must have come to imprisonment," but claimed that it had to be determined in court.


As for the defense of the Venezuelan regime, Íñigo Errejon, one of the most powerful faces of the Spanish Podemos and the inspiration of the Broad Front of our country, Jackson did not hesitate to say he does not agree with his words of praise under the conditions of the country led by Nicolás Maduro.

Giorgio Jackson: "The situation in Venezuela is dramatic"

The Democratic Revolutionary Member has referred to the current situation in Venezuela.

"The situation in Venezuela is a dramatic situation," said a deputy, who also said it was wrong to "occupy positions embedded in the" cold war "dichotomy." Otherwise, he said that as a politician, one is exposed to "the fact that he has thousands of contradictions in the debate."


Jackson, who has improved in previous days not to support the government's reform reform initiative, has criticized it again and described it as nothing more than a "parametric change."

According to the RD leader, "One of the biggest problems he has is that he does not recognize the urgency that older adults have today." In this context, he said that "the reform will be in the regime of 40 years, President Píñera offers a 50-year solution."

Deputy Giorgia Jackson: "Our ideal retirement system is to make tripartite"

Democratic Revolutionary MP has criticized the government's pension reform.

As part of the solution, he said that "we in FA believe in the distribution pillar Our proposal has voluntary individual savings The ideal retirement system is tripartite."


Jackson also had words to address his personal situation in relation to his intention not to continue after the third term in the House, despite being re-elected in the last election with the first national majority.

"This is the political decision I made when I started my candidacy, it's a political decision," he explained. Despite that, he said that this commitment does not mean withdrawal from politics.

In fact, he said that "all Frente Amplio candidates have committed only for two periods."

Giorgio Jackson: "All F.A candidates have committed to only two periods"

MEP Frente Amplio referred to the future of his party and his deputies.

As for the future of the leaders of the Broad Front and the emergence of new leadership positions, Jackson avoided deepening by saying, "It is good that there are several names on the Broad Front." There are many people who have important leadership that are part of a collective "

In spite of the above, she admitted that "we do not have more leadership within Frente Amplio, Beatriz Sánchez is the leader, I give a lot of confidence in what he can do."

Regarding the shortcomings of his political conglomerate, he said that "our greatest failure still has no new internal democracy." Of course, he stressed that "the media give us a magnifying glass three degrees more."


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