Good news! Selena Gomez has left the psychiatric clinic

Early October Selena Gomez She entered the psychiatric clinic after she suffered a nervous breakdown due to a number of health problems that took her to the hospital on two occasions in just a week.

Since then, she has been out of public life when she has undergone treatment based on behavioral dialectic therapy that has proven to be very useful in the past, but according to recent reports of her development, the singer has already left the health center to reintegrate into her usual routine.

"Selena was released from her program at NYC and is very well recovered, feels restored, and no doubt she is much better at mentally, but will continue to consult health professionals often because it guarantees her mental health it's a continuous process, "informs the informant portal E! News

Star Plans who underwent kidney transplants in the summer of 2017 should have a discreet profile in the coming weeks, as she announced herself shortly before her last entry, indicating network harassment that ended with re-charging her fee.

"I'm about to quit from social networks, again grateful to me as a speaker who gives these platforms to each of us, I also think I have to step back and live deep in every moment, I need a moment of encouragement and compassion and I remember, that negative comments can hurt someone's feelings, of course, "he said.

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