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Government Reviews Unemployment Data: "Again Reaffirming Chile Going Through" Economy

Labor Minister Fernando Arab referred to the unemployment figures that were delivered by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) on Thursday morning, highlighting a decline in the unemployment rate by 0.1% with respect to the previous moving quarter, from 6.8% to 6.7%.

According to the study, 59,371 new jobs were created compared to the same period of 2017.

Similarly, it estimates that women's employment has increased by 44,373, which corresponds to 75% of the total employment created in the analyzed interval.

The Arab also highlighted the trend Improving the quality of employment, because private employee increased by 42,954 people in twelve months, while a year ago it dropped by 35,546 people.

Exactly opposite employment has decreased by 23,793 workers and a year ago it grew by 72,773 people.

"Again, they reflect that Chile is going through … reaffirms the trend of continuous improvement of quality and job creation, where today is the engine of employee forms, with contracts and contributions, very different from the situation a year ago when the one who promoted job creation was alone employed, "he said.

He agreed that "we assess that INE integrates into its analysis the objective and specific data provided by the Superintendence of Pensions, as the data it provides are clear and convincing about the reactivation of our economy."

According to these figures, the Arab assured that the number of contributors increased by 164,918 compared to October-December 2017.

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