Wednesday , September 18 2019
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Harold Mayne-Nicholls arrived from Mosa's hand to Colo Colo

He hasn't spoken all week and he's a weird man like Hannibal Meuse. Even more so when his Black and White counterpart (Leonidas Vial and Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle) called him publicly.

Southerner seems to have been saved so that his "coup" media has just arrived this Monday, the day the white concessionaire's shareholders have to choose a new boss.

And "surprise" would be nothing more and nothing less than Harold Mayne-Nicholls, the leader who commanded ANFP at the beginning of the "Golden Generation" and brought Marcelo Bielsa to Chile.

According to colleagues from La Tercera, negotiations began a month ago and the idea of ​​the entrepreneur is to give representatives of the social and sports club Colo Colo "a sign of administration".

It should be borne in mind that these two representatives of this institution will decide who will lead the corporation for the next three years, because the current rulers have 4 votes, Mea reaches three after the meeting, and the balance can merely combine the two CSD preferences (Moron and Valladares).

Determination to be accepted at noon after delivery of the Ruiz-Tagle command.

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