He forgot his cell phone in his girlfriend's house and discovered infidelity: he founded it on networks | Company

We have all experienced inevitable arguments with a couple, and jealousy has been part of romantic relationships since the beginning of time.

Undoubtedly, disloyalty is one of the worst eyes in any field, and if it is accompanied by disappointment, the sum can only result in a perfect blend of anger and grief.

In Argentina, this case has become a trendy topic on Twitter. It's about #PobreMarcelo Hashtag, where people make fun of the case of a woman who fired a friend after discovering suggestive messages on her cell phone.

Gabriela, the hero of the story, revealed to Instagh that her poem, Marcelo Ceballos, went home and worked in the morning and forgot to take the mobile devices. Everywhere normal.

The problem is that she researched the contents of her "love" phone and found that through WhatsApp Marcelo "she did cute" with the various women she had sent pictures and videos of his penis, and in return they sent him paintings where they appeared naked.

Gabriela could not stand up with anger and published a series of videos about Instagram for her friend to act and use – like a cathartic – to give "15 seconds of trust" to Patty Cofré.

Everything started with the following sentence: "I was going to tell all the girls, Instagram, that Marcelito had forgotten her cell phone at home, a bad thing, Poor Marcelo!",

What did the others say?

The answer was immediate, the aforementioned took the statement about his Instagram denial everything: "In principle, I want to deny that I met her, I separated myself two months ago, on the other hand it hurts me to see this company where they just listen to the version of the events and participate, they seem unfair, they violate my privacy and everyone who is talking to me. "

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see urge First I want to deny that I was with a friend two months ago I separated but on the other hand it hurts me when I see this company where they just listen to the version of the events and they participate in it seems to be unfair, privacy, and all those who talk to me have defamed me, fortunately I have the support of my family and friends who know who I am and I support myself at the moment. I'm sorry about the huge number of people who hurt me with private news, etc. Fortunately, I have a busier life than theirs. Regards

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