"I avoid kissing girls because they can kill me"

Oli Weatherall had to resort to extreme measures to stay alive. This is his testimony

There are many reasons why Oli Weatherall, a 22-year-old Brit, often avoids giving the first kiss after the date.

Dying is one of them.

And a Surrey student in England suffers from a severe allergy to peanuts or peanuts.

When he was a child, the allergic reaction to peanut butter caused him to be admitted to the hospital. Oli remembers that his saliva froze so far he could not breathe.

Since then, his life has changed forever. And, following the recent high-profile cases in Britain of young people who died as a result of food allergies, Oli told BBC Newsbeat how he faced his illnesses.

Manis or peanuts

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Oily allergy to peanut means that taking medication after coming into contact with this meal may not be enough to save his life.

Oli says that the first time that the peanut butter meal hurried to the hospital was the coldest experience of his life.

He had no idea what was going on with his body like his skin covered with nettles forming red and battered spots.

It's not just about avoiding peanuts. Even kissing a girl after leaving a date can be risky.

When eating peanuts or using this nut as a component in a bowl, that the trace can be quite a provocative crisis.

"There are people who have died for it," explains Oli.

"It's a very real risk and people who do not have allergies do not usually think about it."

"If you meet a person who is afflicted with an allergy, you do not have to think about things like holidays abroad, flying or romantic relationships."


Food Standards Agency
Oli collaborates with support groups such as the United Kingdom Food Standards Agency to raise awareness of serious allergies among young people.

"In the past, I never asked for food allergens when I went out to eat, and now I know I have to do it," says the legend of this campaign of the United Nations Food Standards Agency, which Oli collaborates.

"We often find people who ate curry or who went to a pub … It's not just a fact that physically eating peanuts, you have to ask: did you eat Indian dishes? You ate kebabs (both foods that may contain peanuts) ".

"I'm really avoiding it. There have been occasions in the past it destroyed my nightbecause I spent the night thinking, "Do I have a reaction?"

"I do not need more stress, it would be nice if you do not have to worry about such things, but it's reality."

Oli meal

Oli Weatherall
Oli prepares his own food from scratch to avoid nuts and runs the page on Instagram with recipes for allergies and vegans.

Eating somewhere else than your home is a problem for Oli.

Although the restaurant must know allergens and know which ones are in their diet, Oli says that inexperienced managers or some waiters can cause problems.

This means that each time a young person leaves his home for a long time, he must plan his meal with precision.

"Many of your lives must be planned to feed safely," says Oli.

"You have to think in advance, ready meals (sold supermarkets) are always a better choice than trying to eat."

Holiday abroad also poses a risk for a 22-year-old.

It's not just an airplane meal. Anything the language barrier can cause a fatal misunderstanding.

"If I suffer some reaction in the air, many people will think," You have your EpiPen (autoinjector epinephrine), you give it and you will be fine, "but it is not.

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died at a hospital in Nice, France, when she collapsed on board British Airways.

Airlines usually transport medical devices and staff are trained in first aid. But Oli is concerned that it's not always enough.

"If you use EpiPen, you need urgent medical help and it's not possible to fly."

"I traveled with friends in Australia and New Zealand three or four years ago, but if you have a severe allergy and stay in bad hotels, you can not cook there."

"It's not a safe environment, it ended up eating the worst diet, I knew they were good."

"You are on vacation, traveling and doing all these things, and thinking continually:" Am I ready for tomorrow? "It's exhausting, I'm glad I did, but I would not do it again."

Recently there have been two cases of young people who have died after a meal in the Price A Manger chain.

Oli says it proves why he never feels safe in such facilities.

"They do not have labels there," he says. "There is no single way to give people with allergies good information to make decisions."

"There are obviously horrible stories, and they show that it can happen wherever there are no established rules," he says.

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