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Justice has accepted the demand and U must pay Pinilla

The Department of Justice announced the high data the attacker receives, one for further compensation and the other for the loss of profit. Blues will appeal against the decision.

By: J. Urzúa

Justice received the demand Mauricio Pinilla against the Blue Azul concessionaire for unjustified redundancies and hence the Council Directive University of Chile He has to make millionaires pay for Sanmiguelino ahead of center.

"The San Miguel Labor Tribunal adopted a claim for protection of work for violations of fundamental rights by footballer Mauricio Pinilla and decided that AZUL AZUL SA must pay the applicant $ 147,454,616 for additional compensation and $ 313,341,059 for the lost profits concept", informed the judiciary.

Overall, Pinigol will receive 460,795,675 million after commenting on leaving the University Club.

"The application for protection is taken for violation of fundamental rights and it is stated that AZUL AZUL SA violated the basic guarantees enshrined in Article 485 of the Labor Code, namely Act No. 4 and No. 16 of Article 19 of the Political Constitutions of the Republic on the occasion of an oral appeal of 31 July 2018 ", said Judge Alondra Castro Jiménez.

"In fact, the defendant violated the freedom of actor's work and the right to free elections with verbal release, which took place on 31 July 2018 at a press conference, thus preventing the plaintiff's plaintiff's freedom, because on 7 November 2018 I still led him as a co- which prevented even the materialization of new employees from other sports clubs such as the Club de Fútbol Rojinegros, SA de CV, mostly known as the Atlas Fútbol Club or the Atlas of Guadalajara ", he added.

Blues will appeal against the decision.

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