Karen Doggenweiler will animate TVN's new TV star: "Tired" format will bring laughs TV and show

She is the TVN fame, as she will lead the Olmué Huaso Festival in the year 2019 as well as the Talca Festival. But Karen Doggenweiler does not end there.

Above, as this year's end adds a new challenge to the screen that will be confirmed as a driving force La Huincha, if you dare, A TVN new talent star who will look for the best humorists in the country.

In Huincha participants it must climb on a movable platform while at some point they show their routine in front of a demanding jury who can stop the huincha from following them or simply let them pass without pain or glory to be removed.

"Karen is one of the most cheerful cheerleaders on the TV, and has the experience, sympathy, closeness, and histrionics that this program needs. We have seen it in various aspects of humor and it is undoubtedly the luxury of having our talent in the space that challenges us to laugh and tries to entertain the whole family and to show that there are a lot of talents in our country " Gonzalo Cordero, the responsible manufacturer responsible.



Cordero has extensive experience with gender programs. He led Roman Colosseum in Mega, today he is an executive producer Red, the color of talent and is also the creator of the format Your time has come public signal.

Currently La Huincha is in the final casting stage, where more than 500 comedians tested production among national and foreign participants.

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