Kenita Larraine and Marcel Vacarezza play in a tense face

Kenita Larrain and Marcela Vacarezza were the protagonists of an interview at TVN's main TV show, "Your time is here."

The numerologist took part in the program to answer a number of questions about both her private life and the most fantastic sites.

In this context, the psychologist consulted with her about her husband's idea of ​​his desire to return to the media world. "I recently saw you in the Viña gallery when you got pregnant, since you've been out of show business for a long time (…) And I said," Look how good, change of life. "And today we are returning to show business , we talk again about such old stories, such old love ", he began to represent Rafael Araneda's wife.

"What does your husband say about it?"He asked immediately.

As a former couple, Felipe Camiroaga explains that her husband was a little reluctant at first, but gradually assimilated him because he was part of his treatment for her return to television.

"Sergio is clear about what he represents in my life as my husband and his role in our family, the past does not have much, no relationship from the past has the power to destroy what we have today as a family, as a couple", he replied.

But Marcela obviously was not satisfied with his answer, and therefore did not hesitate to ask for the end of this "healing."

"I know it's hard to put you in boots, and for 15 years I've been systematically disqualified with the pain she caused and the damage they caused at the time"I'm trying to explain it.

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