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Leather prisoner in Fortnite: how to unlock all styles of skin

On activation Season 9 of Fortnite, can now unlock players Leather prisoner, a new aspect available to those who have completed 60 week's calls. This is a skin with four styles, although not all are available first. The way to unlock the remaining three styles is one of the latest in this skin.

As we said, to get all styles of this aspect, you'll need to do a number of small searches. In order not to lose the details of what they are, then we'll explain how to unlock all skin styles Prisoner in Fortnite,

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How to Unlock All Styles Skin Prisoner in Fortnite

To unlock the first skin style of the prisoner, you only have to meet 60 of the 63 issues currently available FortniteOnce you do, you can equip your skin, which is a necessary requirement to unlock the second style.

To do this when you jump off a combat bus or anywhere else in the game, go to the Polar Peak Castle. Land at the top of the castle, in a large tower in the north (the only thing you saw at the beginning of the season). Go down the stairs and find a table: when you approach them, the keys float. Connect with her and the second style is yours.

How to unlock the second skin style of Prisoner in Fortnite

We will update as we know how to unlock the last two styles that can still use the additional keys in the lock and we may have to wait until the next week to unlock the third style (CONTENT IN PROCESS).

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