Sunday , June 16 2019
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Luli returns to television in the shadow of Aceiton

Of course, in 2019 for Nicole Moreno it was not easy. Several days after the New Year's embrace, his 16-year-old son was involved in the downing of another minor, a situation that forced him to stay in Sename for 100 days of investigation.

The media report and queries touched Luli, so she decided to go three times a week to "Chic Style" in Canal Vive by passing Ingrid Aceitón's mid-post model. But this break was over, because it will be back this Friday to keep the fashionable space. "It was a necessary break, but I have to go back to work with maximum professionalism," Nicole said.

His decision has nothing to say to the supporters of the universe, because in a poll conducted by Instagram "Chilean Press" where supporters of the "chic style" are consulted, Ingrid voted 34,991 users of Aceiton, who sends the current cheerleader home. "It looks great, it's a matter of taste," Luli said.

The one mentioned by the followers decided for diplomacy and only thanked. "It's a good opportunity to gain experience because I want to have my own space."

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