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Marcelo Espina and Juan Carlos Gaete in Colo Colo: "Something like that has never happened"

In the summer season it was installed Colo Colo and for now has only protagonists and no antagonist: Juan Carlos GaeteThe arrival of the left hand on albos is still a topic and Blanco y Negro once again talked about a player who is not in the pre-season of the team in Buenos Aires because he is solving a personal problem that no one has ever said.

"And Juan Carlos was an atypical situation because Something like that has never happened, there was too much speech and there was little what was said, because it was strange what happened. It has a permit that is still in circulation, we do not have a date, it is something we will deal with internally with the technical body and the board of directors at the time it is decided, "he said. Marcelo Espina, sports director Cacique.

"We're surprised, but you have to understand that it's a young boy, let's not forget that he's a 21-year-old boy, independent of his level, he's 21. There are certain things that do not clear like millions of children who have insecurities Talking about human beings , like us, and also young, "the former midfielder added.

Without explaining anything, Espina added that "everyone knows why they are not here, but we're in contact with him, we're trying to be close, helping him, and seeing the rest of it. We know what's going to happen . "

After the arrival of Gaete to Monumental, the former coach also called it "I spoke once when I hired him to congratulate him, and every time I talked to him later, he showed me the luck of coming here."

Finally, he avoided talking about his future and about the possible return of Gaete to Cobresal: "We do not have to hurry to say things that can generate a different direction, today we have to keep everything open and we can not focus on a particular reaction."

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