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Marcial Tagle and Actors Situation on TV: "Gifts are 25 and Framed" TV and Show

Actor Marcial Tagle was invited late Ugly width on Via X, where he mentioned the difficult presence of actors on television. In his comments, he mentioned the director Vicente Sabatini and María Eugenia Rencoretová.

Tagle said the changes in "industry" were positive, with examples of Mega and Canal 13 cases outsourcing their production with AGTV.

"They are from another time, things have changed, the industry has been atomized and seems to be super good, I love new platforms and we have to go out and win lucas," he said.

On the other hand, the artist has suggested that there are very few actors who have real opportunities on TV and added that he is the key to getting close to big directors.

"It's very fucking, cIf you are not the gift of Quena Rencoret or Vicente Sabatini, you are out. Regalones there are 25 and are framed, there are 25 and those shit and the other 2000 actors are out ", he says.

It should be noted that Tagle only once had a large contract with a television house. It was more than a decade ago when he starred in "Pablo Pinto" Married with children.

Without going further, the artist himself stated that he himself had asked for the closure of this link because he wanted to devote himself to other tasks.

"I had a contract for six years in Mega and I had to ask, because I missed many projects, " the actor concluded.

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