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Meet McDonald's future, a new experience already in Chile [Fayerwayer TV]

McDonald's fast food chain launched a self-service model at the airport in Santiago. This is the starting point for the entire restructuring.

Every person is a world and every order McDonald & apos; sIt's not as easy as asking a combo with Big Mac and that's it.

We are all unique, so each order is different: add the flower, remove the cucumber, insert the sandwich chips.

Sometimes, however, it is difficult for the treasurer to understand exactly what you want, and you may have a hard time. Or you will delay the line and try to explain to the Treasurer that you are a vegetarian and you are there to accompany your friends and that you can get bread with lettuce and May and nothing else.

Fortunately for all, McDonald's of the future makes this mission much easier and faster.


McDonald's future experience

The brand in Chile has announced the introduction of a new, innovative platform for customers called "Experience of the Future", a new concept in the fast food industry.

In this way, it continues its Transformation and Modernization Plan, launched in 2017, which included a $ 10 million investment in the last two years, which will be added to $ 12 million in 2019,

The launch of a new experience of the future will take place for the first time in Chile in a new restaurant opened by the company at Santiago International Airport and will soon be realized in 10 of over 80 restaurants in the country.

In addition, McDonald's said that it plans to create 400 jobs in 2019 to provide young people with the first formal work experience to work in the workplace.

Experience of the future

We made the test at a new location:

In particular, my McDonald's order is very rare (I do not want to share it so I do not judge it), so it was a nice experience that the self-service interface would consider every detail in my order.

I was able to order exactly what I wanted, without any problem.

They gave me a selection number and a moment later appeared on the shop screens so I could go and look for it, armed with perfection.


Carlos González, Chief Executive of McDonald's in Chile commented on the new system:

"We call it" Experience of the Future, "which will mean a more modern way to interact with customers, and we believe that its implementation not only will allow us to continue to position Chile as a leader in the region."

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