Sunday , May 26 2019
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Leo Messi has just made one of his most recent and most luxurious acquisitions: the $ 15 million plane he bought in the United States, although he has a license plate from Argentina. The aircraft, according to Doble Amarill's report, is Gulftream V since 2004, when FC Barcelona has already made some aesthetic changes.

In the tail he has a dorsal tenth that always accompanies an Argentine star, and very important detail was created on the steps of access to the aircraft. At every step he wrote the name of a member of his family, an essential part of his everyday life as a world star. Thus, the names of Leo, Antonella, Thiago, Ciro and Mateo appear.

The interior of the ship is a compliment of different luxuries, and due to its large size it has several rooms, each trip can be as comfortable as a family with three small children. It has 16 places that can be converted into a total of 8 beds, two kitchens and two bathrooms, one with a shower, so even personal hygiene can not be a problem.

According to the same information, the plane arrived yesterday at Aeroparque de Buenos Aires with only the crew. In addition, they will build a hangar in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, to accommodate new Messi vehicles.

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