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More than 1,500 developers consider switching to be the most exciting console

Though some have seen the complicated 2018 for the Nintendo Switch after considering that its titles offer was not so strong and it depended on what happened to the extreme Pokémon: Let's Pikachu & Eevee! and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the results were the opposite and the consoles continue to enjoy great popularity around the world. In the same way it was successful on the market, according to the results of the survey conducted by the GDC, it seems that Switch has also been in the industry.

The GDC organizers recently introduced their report GDC 19 State of the gaming industry, in which they unveiled various data about developer perspectives and their publishing preferences based on current trends. In this sense, the report has revealed that of a survey of 4,000 developers, 45% think the switch is the most exciting console that carries its games, defeats other consoles, and is kept under PC only, a platform that is still the most interest in creatives . Current results show that Nintendo's Hybrid developers' interest is growing after registering 36% of preferences in the survey last year.

On the other hand, the report revealed that the percentage of developers who intend to launch their games on switch has increased by 13% compared to last year, compared to 6%. Data also suggests that developers who have already launched their switch titles, 24% said their sales were better in this console than in other platforms, while 20% said the sales were average and 43% believed they still did not elements to determine whether the sales are higher or lower after the games start in the switch.

This suggests that the outlook will continue to be very positive for Switch, and it is now up to Nintendo to officially announce the results of the fiscal quarter that ended in December 2018, of which very relevant information is expected.

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