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My fault Luli Glamoramy

Author: A.C. / 8 December 2018

On this occasion, Nicole Moreno moved into the "dark side of power".

The model, known as Luli, admitted in La Noche that Nuestra, when she was sleeping her former semi-pedigree Rodrigo Rocco, chose her cell phone, examined it and extracted a sex video with another woman who later recorded Instagram.

Nicole told the truth about the scandal that took place in October. Then, in his Intagram, a cruel video appeared for a few seconds where Rocca could be identified, but not his companion.

Shortly after Moreno denied it was her. And now he drew the complete picture in the late nightlife of Chilevision, animated by Pamela Díaz, Just Philippe Cretton and Felipe Vidal:

Jean Philippe Cretton: "In October of this year, you uploaded the uploaded video to Instagram stories What happened? How was a video uploaded?

Luli: "I tell you the truth, I will be honest, at that time I was in the relationship with my former one and we went for a trip, we were done and we had a year and a half.

"We finished in July, from July to August, we were completely separated, every one I live my bachelor's practice in such a way that it still … That is, it's his bachelor's, I was sorry to say so. I did not have a boy, I was not unfaithful, independent of being finished.

"It turned out that the boy, Rodrigo, was with the girl. I'm a superfeminist and I do not want to leave her bad.

"Finally, Rodrigo cached that I realized the relationship that had been with her for a whole month, he was only 20 days and then he was with this girl, and she seemed painful because she believed him and everything.

"This cock gave him a conscience, and he was looking for me and invited me to Punta Cana, and there was supposed to be reconciliation and everything, there were beautiful moments, good times, bad times, bad times.

"The guy always told me that he was wrong with her because it was her chance to be a member of the hairdressing salon.We weon, Rodrigo Rocco, between the mamuana and the mamuana in Punta Cana"

Creton: "It's an erotic drink"

Luli: "Instead of mmm … It was a rage, I checked my cell phone at that time, and now I say this because I've already overcome it When I left my cell phone next to me, I started to see who it was, what it did, # 39: I Like Intruders And the one who is looking will always find it.

"Among these photos and videos I found out the video I sent it to my WhatsApp app"

Pamela Díaz: "But what does it have to do with it?"

Luli: "One day we quarreled in Alto Las Condes and quarreled badly." He spoke to me so that he did not answer, telling me things that hurt me, which made me feel better. I was hurt like a woman.

"What did I do? I was a girl," is that I'm with her … "," it's that I do not know what. "I do not mention the details.

"I said," Look, this one? Will I upload it? "And the shot finally came back to me because the video is yes, I admit to uploading it But in anger because at the time when he treated me very badly he told me ugly things"

Diaz: "Do you upload a video and then download it?"

Luli: "Then I said," I did not want to do it to me "and I thought of her about this girl"

Diaz: "But you did not say a name in the video, nothing"

Luli: "No. I came and I recorded it, it took 10 seconds, instead of thinking about this boy, I said," It'll be crazy. "But then they all thought it was me.

"No one can say, and I really tell them guys, no one can say that they will find me a video It's not my poole, not ex, or in the future or anything else I never did not know I think it's quite normal, but I did not do it, and no one can say it. "

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