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NASA publishes the first video recorded in 8K space

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Recording, created in collaboration with the European Space Agency, shows the full spectrum of astronauts' various tasks and experiments, as well as some of their privileged views.

The work of astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) has never been so clear. NASA, in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), released the first video recorded in high-speed (8K) space in the universe, showing station and research facilities that astronauts perform with unprecedented clarity, according to La Vanguardia.

Video starts with images NASA astronaut Serena Auñon-Chancellor, who conducted the experiment perfect technological sequences of DNA and RNA in space. The Chancellor also appears to be working on research that grows microgravity plants and compares how their growth differs from cultivation on Earth.

Images also show detail of space station equipment such as Cupola, a structure that provides greater visibility to control the robotic arm of the station and also provides unparalleled views of our planet that astronauts and teams are monitoring from space.

Another scene in the video shows how Serena Auñón-Chancellor draws blood from one arm to ESA astronaut Alexandru Gersta. Astronauts regularly collect samples of blood, saliva, and urine that will be analyzed on Earth to find out how to live in space to change people's immune systems.

While they did not return to Earth, these samples are stored in liquid freezing nitrogen, which keeps them at 80 degrees below zero, and appears at the start of a video run by NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold.

Although it is not available on all media or devices, andOutube offers the ability to play video at 1080p, 1440p, 2160p (4K), and 4320p (8k).

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