Nintendo prepares new switch model after "explosive" success – Video games

After its success, Nintendo is preparing a new Switch model

The sale of the switch, launched in March 2017, has already exceeded 32 million units worldwide.

Nintendo This Friday congratulated the "explosive" success of some titles for his console Switch, of those that were sold in a short period of 10 or 15 million copies, while a new console model is already being prepared.

The switch, launched by the Japanese video game pioneer in March 2017, has already exceeded 32 million units worldwide. Even though the pace of this year is a little less than expected (now 17 million, 20 million), the associated game collection overcomes expectations.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (12.0 million units sold), Mario Kart (15 million), Legend of Zelda (11.68 million) or Super Mario Odyssey (13.76 million) almost half of Switch owners (semi- portable brackets).

"These games have been sold out from the moment they left," Nintendo Chief Furukawa told a press conference.

The CEO said the day after the announcement of the results confirming the renewal of the 100th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol, after a heavy time due to the fiasco of his previous Wii U console.

"The activity of the consoles will continue with Nintendo's business as a dedicated device allows us to offer modes and feelings of games that we do not have with other devices," he said.

Nintendo "is doing something" in line with the current switch, said AFP CEO, without specifying whether it is a more compact and cheaper model, according to the Japanese Nikkei newspaper.

Mario Consortes has been producing consoles of various types for more than 30 years, while many others have left the race some time ago. Today his real rivals are his compatriot Sony and American Microsoft.


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