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Nintendo will slow Mario Kart for Android and iOS until summer

Nintendo will slow Mario Kart for Android and iOS until summer

Nintendo is betting a lot in the mobile games market. After successful launch Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run, the company released Android versions of other major sagas such as Heroes Fire Emblem or Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Approaching arrival Mario Kart Tour, the name that confirmed it delay of its launch until the summer of 2019,

The Japanese company needs a little more time to polish mobile version of Mario Kart, which originally planned to launch in March this year on iOS and Android. This was confirmed by his Twitter account, where it is announced that Mario Kart Tour for smartphones is "Scheduled will be delivered in the summer of 2019,

As is usually the case when the video game is delayed, the Japanese company confirms that this decision is due to the intention of the company improve application quality and extend the content of the service upon startup. For now the name does not offer much information, has not even seen a Nintendo Direct image or video that explains how the game works.

Mario Kart Tour will delay the start

The Mario Kart Tour was officially announced last yearIt is an adaptation of the famous racing game Play the most iconic Nintendo characters which lands on Android and iOS mobile devices to offer the most crazy and fun races.

The strategy that Nintendo could do with Mario Kart's smartphone game would resemble a view of Super Mario Run, that is, the game would be free-to-startWith this model, users will be able to Download the game for free and play first level without paying It's not a cent from the euro, it's about progressing and getting all the bonuses you have to go through the box.

It's time to wait for Nintendo to offer Mario Kart tour information, because at the moment he did not even know his idea. In addition, the exact date is due to come to mobile devices around the world after this unexpected delay.

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