Monday , May 27 2019
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No Man's Sky announces Online Mode as a free update


No sky, please don't let us down again.

Creative Company No Man's Sky, Hello Games, has announced No Man's Sky: Beyond, another great game update for space exploration. This expansion will have 3 sections or different elements, but only one has been exposed to the public (so far).

The announced section is an online mode that will include No Man's Sky, which "will allow players from all over the universe to meet and play together," the company progresses. But in addition to this little phrase, Hello Games didn't give more details about what this update will include, in addition to admitting that "the changes are the answer to how we've seen people play since running NEXT", an update number 4 that got the game last year.

This latest update has added more players to up to 16 people, although it is still unclear what the new online version will bring, the company was worried that it would not change the game to the MMO.

Expansion, Beyond, will be free for those who already own the game and will not require a login fee.

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