Three regions in the north of the country felt a strong earthquake a few moments ago.

According to the National Seismological Center, the quake occurred at 1:47 p.m. on Sunday and was magnitude 6.1 with an epicenter 30 kilometers northeast of Pico and a depth of 105.6 kilometers.

According to Onemi, tremor was felt in the regions of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá and Antofagasta.

The following are the intensities of Mercalli:

Arica and Parinacota region

Arica: IV

Code: IV

Who: IV

Pocon Chile: III

Tarapacá Region

Walk: VI

Colchane: III

Huara: VI

Iquique: VI

La Tirana: IV

Mother: V

Pisagua: V

Almonte Well: IV

Ujina: V

Antofagasta region

Calama: IV

Maria Elena: III

Quillagua: IV

Tocopilla: IV

The SHOA noted that the conditions for generating a coastal tsunami are not met.

“At the moment, no earthquakes, alterations to basic services or infrastructure have been reported as a result of the earthquake.” Technical organizations, in turn, assess the regional situation, “added Onemi.