On board? Sergio Jadue jail was postponed to May 21st

Again the same. Read sentences Sergio Jadue for his participation in the FIFA corruption scandalIt was postponed to sixth in the United States.

A journalist, an expert on the subject, Ken Bensinger He announced that the former Chilean football president will wait another six months to face the final judgment of the US court system on the FIFA Gate case. In fact, the budget was scheduled for December 12th.

"The criminal sentence of Sergio Jadue was postponed to May 21st The FIFA GateJadue and the Prosecutors agreed to change"wrote in his Twitter account, the date coincides with the celebration of the Day of Nautical Glory.

Of course, Bensinger added that "By the way, on December 12, he was sentenced. Curiously, Guatemala Rafael Salguero will receive a verdict on December 6th. So the question: why some and not others?"

Push, Judge Pamela K. Chen will dictate the sentence Calerano, who is in United States of America from November 2015, when he believed he had committed corrupt crimes in the FIFA case.

For this purpose, Jadue is up to 20 years in prison for organized crime crimes and electronic fraud, Yes, because of its cooperation with North American Justice, her defense hopes to reduce the pain for 5 years with probation in the United States.

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