Onemi warns of floods due to heavy rains between Biobío and Los Lagos

A new technical table was held in the Onemi offices in the afternoon to analyze a meteorological update update that predicts moderate to heavy rainfall from the southern part of Biobío to Los Lagos during May 1 and 2.

The meeting was led by National Director of Onemi, Ricardo Toro, with representatives from the Interior Secretariat, the Chilean Meteorological Directorate (DMC), Sernageomin, the Water Directorate General of the ILO and Carabineros. Onemi regional flights from Maule to Aysen, which were connected by videoconferencing.

Depending on what was stated in the DMC weather warning update, the frontal system will concentrate rainfall in Los Lagos between May 1 and 2, up to Maule Saturday.

As far as the 0 ° C isotherm is concerned, it will remain on average about 2800 meters for action. In terms of wind conditions, they are estimated to be 40-80 km / h in the stretch and gusts can be seen in cordillery sectors reaching 100 km / h.

In Lagos, rainfall is expected to vary between 50 and 90 mm, a scenario in which specific contingency plans are activated, thereby reinforcing coordination and response to emergencies that may arise from precipitation. especially in areas that were previously affected.

Before meteorological warning, Sernageomin considers the possibility of the occurrence of mass shifts, such as detritus flows (landslides), landslides and / or rock falls (landslides) in areas included in the meteorological record.

Likewise, in accordance with the meteorological warning, the Maule and Aysén areas will also be affected by the frontal system. Faced with these climatic conditions, Onemi Regional Directorates strengthen coordination with relevant civil protection systems and maintain constant monitoring of complex areas and critical points.

In view of the above, the areas leuble, Biobío, Araucanía, Los Ríos, Los Lagos and the municipality of Higgins in Aysén are subject to preventive early warning.

Finally, Onemi reiterated his call to avoid unnecessarily exposing himself to risky situations and following the recommendations issued by the Office.

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