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Piñera asked his ministers to be honest and to know the successes and mistakes

President Sebastián Piñera leads the council council in La Moneda on Thursdayat a difficult time for government, between accusations of "friendly fire" inside Chile Vamos and pressures for change in some ministries.

During this past week, the government has strengthened work in some sectors to avoid any changes in the cabinet, with measures such as the decision to turn the change into smart meters as a volunteer.

At the beginning of the Council, the president announced the first assessment of the government march and secured it evaluated by all ministers. Bilateral meetings will be held with all State Secretaries.

"To perform an evaluation, I ask each of you to be very honest and humble when you realize the achievements, but I also recognize where we have problems, difficulties and above all where we can fix errors, to change course to improve the government for Chile. This is the goal of what we want to discuss with this government council, "the president said.

Government spokesman, Cecilia Pérez, said that "the president, and everyone knows, is very demanding with his teams and defines players as a good coach, builds a team and He knows he has good shooters, he has good goalies and also has ministers who scored goals.

“All of us have to be more players to play in different roles on the pitch and therefore we are a government that listens and that when it has to cause change it produces it "he added that he continued analogy to football.

On his part, deputy Mario Desbordes (RN) noted that "the president joked that he must make more goals." I hope they will do more to reach the goals so I also hope to coordinate to see who is the one who gives the passage. I recognize it a communication error occurred when we started discussing meters a few months ago. "

"It was raised as if it were a measure we had taken because the day when one had to say it was done was processed, the regulations were issued during the previous government." Measures announced yesterday, we will study it carefully, It is a huge progress, I do not know if it will be enough. Whether the minister is weakened or not, I do not know. In my opinion, he does many other things that go beyond meters, ”he said in relation to changing meters.

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