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Qualcomm shares a drop in patent law violations

The United States Federal Judge concluded that Qualcomm was unfairly operating its patents and technologies that feed millions of smartphones in the United States and around the world.

In January, Qualcomm was in a process against competitive practices, and almost five months later we have a result.

District Judge Lucy Koh said Qualcomm violated antitrust laws by threatening its customers not to provide their chips unless they pay "unreasonable" price for their patents and licenses.

Koh published his decision in a 233-page report that says "Qualcomm's licensing practice has tightened competition and caused damage to competitors, smartphone manufacturers, and consumers."

Qualcomm was ordered by Koh to rescind its licensing agreements with its customers, keep patents to its competitors at reasonable prices, and adhere to a seven-year period when the company will be controlled by federal auditors. Koh also spoke about the problem of Qualcomm where they were charged on the basis of the price of the equipment, which Apple complained many times.

Qualcomm's shares fell immediately when this report came, 13%, followed by 11%. A sharp change after the rise they had last month when they signed a $ 5 billion contract with Apple. Drops in stocks completely eliminated these gains.

Qualcomm was not quiet, and Don Rosenberg's chief lawyer said, "We disagree with the judge's conclusions, his interpretation of the facts, and his application of the law."

What do you think about this Qualcomm problem?

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