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Rebuilding Monumental and New Wage Policy: Measure Block Ruiz-Tagle to Resume Colo Colo | Dale Albo

The general meeting of shareholders of B & W will be held on Monday at 10:30 am and a new board of directors and a new president of the concessionaire will be elected.

Although Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, the ruling bloc, will not be reposted for the next period, his party will feature a project called Cacique 2025, which consists of five core axes.

New stadium

In the document to which AS Chile had access, the main news is described in detail "New Monumental Stadium" to be followed by the Palmeiras model, ie. sign a concession contract: that a real estate company will take care of the rebuilding of the stadium, build a first-class youth football facility, build a medium-sized sports center, and in exchange for commercial use of the site for some time.

The construction of the sports center, as they explain, would help the Colo-Colo social and sports club develop a variety of sports.

Sustainable Development

Another pillar proposed by the project is the categorization (4) of school salaries per year "keep order in the finances of the club and align the demands on the equipment".

Class A: Football players with national team and / or international experience.

Class B: Projection footballers who are about to join the national team.

Class C: Football players from local market without national team.

Class D: Youth soccer players

It also includes creating an exclusive dressing room for women's football and professionalizing the first team with contracts for all players.

And the last three pillars are concerned reduction of tickets, restructuring of the administrative area and eventually the assignment of the Colo Colony Museum curatorship exclusively to the Social and Sports Club.

With this ambitious project, the ruling block seeks to persuade its opponents to continue to command Blanco y Negro and specifically to reach the CSD votes that will be necessary for the election of the new president.

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