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Risks have a car that is turned on without a key

Running, locking and unlocking the car remotely over the mobile phone was unthinkable several decades ago.

However, it is more and more common to find cars with modern keyless ignition systems that will allow you to start and stop the vehicle by pressing the button. It's the comfort of the digital age we're getting used to.

But this comfort has some risks.

Theft without a key

New consumer organization investigation What? It has just been shown that many of the most popular cars in the world are prone to so-called "keyless theft".

Among them brands and models are sold as Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Nissan Qashqai and Ford Focus.

And it is that cars have always been the subject of thieves, but new technologies could make their work easier.

This is claimed by the UK Automobile Industry Association (SMMT) "New cars are safer than ever."

But what? (ADAC) concluded that out of 237 non-key cars, only three new models – Land Rover and Jaguar – are hijacked – who are kidnapped by thieves who know how to use technology to attack.

The Association asserts in its report that "more than 30 brands have unsecured cars, "including Audi, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot, Renault, Škoda and Volvo.

"Thieves have been using keyless theft for years, but manufacturers continue to create new models that can be so stolen," the organization said in a statement.

"That means he's there growing group vehicles that can attack thieves. "

Harry Rose, editor Who? Magazine, he said manufacturers need to "step up their work",

He also noted that thieves use special devices that get into the vehicle and drive them smoothly.

There is now less car theft than in the 1990s, but the phenomenon has increased in recent years. AND technology "keyless"(or unlocked) is at the center of researchers.

Last year, more than 106,000 reported vehicle thefts were reported in the United Kingdom, the highest number recorded since 2009.

Mexico and Brazil According to a study by Interpol and the Instituto Belisario Dominguez in Mexico, Latin America carries a classification of car theft, but in such cases kidnappings are almost always carried out violently. Mafia with international networks is involved in this activity.

"Constant battle"

The fact that new technologies can make their work easier can be critical in combating this kind of crime.

Mike Hawes, director of SMMT, on the other hand, said that "industry crimes involving stolen vehicles very seriously and (say) the opposite is categorically false."

"New cars are safer than ever and the latest technology has helped drastically reduce theft," he said.

"Criminals will always look for new ways to steal cars, it's a constant fight, so manufacturers continue to invest billions of dollars in more and more sophisticated functions."

But Hawes also said the technology prevent theft "to a certain extent",

"We will continue to demand that steps be taken to stop the free sale of equipment without a legal purpose that helps criminals steal cars."

Which? It requires greater liability to manufacturers: manufactured cars have up to ten times more possibilities of stealing, "he explains in his investigation.

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