Tuesday , September 17 2019
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Rosemarie responded after leaving "Mekano Tour"

A few days ago, it was known that Rosemarie Dietz was disconnected from the "Mekano" 2018 tour for "repeated episodes of irresponsibility," said Carlos Sandía, executive director of events.

In fact, the blonde missed one of the "Mekano" shows for attending the birthday of her friend Daniele Aránguiz, whom Rosemarie had warned in advance of the team.

In the middle of this scenario, he decided to launch a pair through Instagram: "Just say you always know the truth God is great! And when you are doing well all your life, there are always bad people trying to go and get you wrong. , so it does not end for me, on the contrary, for a while, Rose is a boy, "Rosemarie wrote.

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