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SAG rescues an orphaned baby linden in Maule | National

Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) Talca rescued a young puppy of salmon a few days ago (Lycalopx culpaeus) that was lost in an address in Pelarco, in the Maule area.

Copy, hardly 1 month and a half, was found by a family that predicted a puppy loss, Do not be foxies nearby, and therefore called the state agency.

Employees of the service expanded their search without results, so a small office had to be transferred to SAG's office in Talca. to investigate a veterinarian, Rodrigo Villalobos.

"The sample was in good health, with no evidence of infectious disease and good physical condition, no matter what the orphan puppy is, its care is fine," said the vet.

That's why little will be transferred to the rehabilitation center allowed.

Local SAG Director, Luis Fernando Pinochet, thanked the community for their support in reporting to the staff of the Renewable Natural Resources Unit. "Thanks to this, we could save this very little fox with our officials Wildlife protection program"He said.

The SAG Chief has called for replication of this event and contacted the service before discovering species that could be in danger.


Boy Fox is native to the cordillera, altiplanic and Patagonian zone in South America. Although it has a wide distribution of samples, some subspecies are out of danger, others, Lycoides from Tierra del Fuego, are in an endangered state, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Its main threat is human action: destruction of its environment; catching this species from the vulnerability of livestock in agricultural zones and introducing fox screaming.

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