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Sepia law: Small fishermen are threatening radicalization of protests

New Day of Protests Living in Maule, Biobio and the river, due to the dissatisfaction that small fishermen have with regard to The law of the sepia, which will be tried in the Constitutional Court (TC).

For fishermen there is a sepia law that requires the extraction of molluscs by a hand line, which excludes industrial trawling He was rightfully approved in Congress.

"We want to see the law proclaimed, won at Congress. We fight against him more than anything else so the government signs the lawOn Monday we went to Santiago to hand over the letter to the President and really see the situation we are in", President of Cooperativa de Pescadores Artesanales, David Castro

"We are still mobilized, but we are waiting for the executive to decide to release the mobilizationIf the government does not decide in favor of craft fishing that has been won in Congress, let's go with everyone"Castro added.

The industry is demanding TC

While the industrial sector has asked the government to turn to the TC for the regulation to be approved, because it is a law that is "openly" damaging.

"The sepia quote is 200 thousand tons a of these 200 thousand tons, 80 percent of sepia comes from the craft sector and 20 per cent come from the fisheries sector; of which 80 percent, which has a small industry, they have never been able to catch one hundred percent of the products"said the Chilean Federation Federation President, Sergio Vera,

"We hope the president take it to the Constitutional Court and determine how it should be, and hopefully that will work out the best way because there are thousands of families who are going to spend our job today ", he added.

In this context, a deputy Communist Party Hugo Gutiérrez, who chaired the day of the Senate meeting on the Sepia Act in the Chamber of Deputies, He urged President Piñer to respect the will of the people,

"Democracy was expressed in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, ie in the National Congress, one of the powers of the state, which corresponds to the legislators. I hope Piñera respects the sovereign will of the people expressed in this case, in this state power and, of course, to promulgate the Septic Act"the deputy said.

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