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Since 2018, the EPN government has stopped measles vaccinations

We have just begun an investigation to find out why it is that they have not been using measles vaccines since last year.

Only in 2018, when in Mexico, although there were no complicated cases of measles for 22 years, there were fears of the outbreak of this disease that could harm the people of our country. According to experts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, since 1996 there have been only 176 people who have been infected by those arriving from abroad on the territory of the state.

This year, however, the case has now been filed with a new report by the Ministry of Health: Enrique Peña Nieto's government has ceased to use measles vaccine during this year 2018. Now the same body asks for a shortage of vaccines as the service has been closed.

since 2018 the government has continued to stop vaccination against measles 1

Why is the EPN in 2018 not applying these vaccines?

Following the declaration of a health situation in the United States due to measles outbreaks, the Mexican authorities have given batteries to activate vaccine supplies against this disease to avoid an outbreak that has not occurred for more than two decades.

The Ministry of Health, however, took the opportunity to condemn the internal control body, a scarcity of more than 770,000 children vaccinated in 2018, although this happened partly in 2015 as Coverage Vaccination also went down that year without EPN or anyone his government explained the reasons.

"The outgoing government had to act responsibly and say to us: this is our risk assessment, for reasons X or Y that we have not received, have explained it transparently as an incoming government and society, and then we have visited ourselves," Hugo López-Gatell assured , Secretary for Health Prevention and Promotion.

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from 2018 the government has stopped vaccinating against measles 2

Revocation of the contract, 24 hours before entering AMLO

Lopez-Gatell is convinced that 24 hours before Andrés Manuel López Obrador came into office, they were informed as new health officials that a contract signed with a supplier of the vaccines Laboratorios Imperiales Pharma initiated the cancellation process.

"He did not inform us about this EPN problem of vaccine deficiency, namely 2018 when the supplier banned the delivery of vaccines, did not deliver the vaccines in June, August, October, and after we entered, we learned that 24 hours before starting the contract termination process, "the Deputy Minister of Health Prevention and Support signed.

since 2018 the government has continued to stop vaccination against measles 3

No embezzlement of the EPN government

We explain why: when Laboratorios Imperiales Pharma claims that they are not responsible for the lack of vaccines in 2018, they suggest that the Federal Commission for Health Protection (Cofepris) did not publish a lot because it stated that it did not pass quality tests,

Though it meant they were not paid and therefore no embezzlement, Enrique Peña Nieto's government did not protect the country from the potential outbreak of measles. Right now, in this situation, the AMLO government is about to do what they called a "quick risk analysis" to identify the most vulnerable places, giving them preference in the National Week of Vaccination in 2019, which will take place in mid-February.

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