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Stereo Pump in Chile: We are two, we are all

Is there a larger community than the Caupolican Theater that sold a few weeks ago, and that instead of San Diego did not stop dancing? Yes, an audience that has never set off cell phones to record. It's Bomba Estéro's party from the first to the last of his sixteen songs that played Wednesday night. And it was always a promise. "We want to invite you to one of the oldest rituals that exists, to dance," said singer Li Saumet.

Within one hour and forty-five minutes of the show, the Colombians ratified their course in Chile and presented a concert that never worsens its intensity. With Discography, which was already featured in recent Latin pop musicians, Bomba Estéreo hypnotized the full Caupolikan who drew his weight to a female audience.

A show that culminated in the "Birds" section of "Party," a song with which the band had partook on the stage with fourteen songs that did not have a bad sound.

After returning to the stage to perform two songs, Li Saumet did not hide his luck. "It's the closest to J Balvin and Malum," he said viciously, remarking that his full of Chile is like a show in the arena, a direct reference to his previous, and last year he launched the Arcade Fire show.

After "fire" and "soul and body" Bomba Estéreo showed that his thing is to be two: a group and an audience. And that's all to share energy.

1. Introduction
2. Caribbean force
3. How nice
4. It's me
5. Hips
6. Love this
7. Ayo
8. We are two
9. It hurts
10. Something is changing
11. Birds
12 To my love
13. Psychedelic Cumbia
14. Page

15. Fire
16. Souls and body

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