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Tesla: a genius who attempted to build a global wireless communications network 100 years ago that led to his fall

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Tesla Tower promised a revolution in the world of telecommunications.

Nikola Tesla spent the last years when the genius was forgotten that he finally has the recognition he deserves.

Today, the Elon Musk electric car has a surname and the story is a bit less familiar with the triumphs over its biggest competitors: Guglielmo Marconi and Thomas Alva Edison, with whom they chose to call War of Streams late 19th century and early 20th century.

Edison bet on DC as the best way to transfer electricity while Tesla played it alternating current, which it has been able to develop on the basis of its patents.

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At the end of the wild battle scientific, media and public relations, Tesla alternating current was introduced as the best way of distributing electricity.

The inventions of Teslas were essential so nowadays it is possible to operate all types of electrical equipment.

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Nikola Tesla was born on July 9, 1856, in the territory that now corresponds to Croatia and died 7 January 1943 in New York.

During his life, Tesla saw that on several occasions other inventors and entrepreneurs held credits – and money– That it belonged to him.

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But one day he made an ambitious project that promised the revolution remote communication in the world, and that I would make it forever glorious.

His idea was to create a system global wireless transfer.

The project failed and was the beginning of debacle Tesla, who died on 7 January 1943, poor, indebted and Obsessive features

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But 100 years later, his thought was a kind of prelude to what is today internet and wifi networks.

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The Tesla Tower was the idea of ​​what the Internet would be.

Power plant

Around 1900 Tesla competed with archrival Guglielm Marconi to find out who was the first to succeed in the transmission messages across the Atlantic.

So in 1901 Tesla convinced the investor J.P. Morgan to give him $ 150,000 to build a futuristic tower in Long Island, New York.

"Once completed, it will allow the trader in New York to dictate the instructions and let them appear an image in his office in London or anywhere else, "wrote Tesla at the time.

Tesla's words looked like a prophecy:

"An inexpensive tool, which is no more than an hour, will allow its bearers to hear anywhere, at sea or on earth, music and songs, politics, a conference of scientific significance, or a sermon of the clergy wherever they speak remote ",

And that's better:

"The same way can be any photo, character, drawing or print transferred from one place to another. Millions of these tools can be run from a single race like this one. "

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The tower operated as a large laboratory in Long Island, New York.

Sounds good, is not it?

Teslov's plan was very attractive and he got the money he needed to build the wireless transmission tower he called Wardenclyffe, for the community in which it was built. Later it will be known as the Tower of Tesla.

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His idea was based on the fact that he could carry radio signals without a wire, something he had already tried coils which he invented years ago.

Tesla was convinced that he was transmitting signals through the Earth's atmosphere that would not only create a communication system but also a distribution system. energy for the entire planet.

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Despite his contributions to science, Tesla died alone and destroyed.

Tesla seemed to plan, but he got a sudden blow when in December 1901 Marconi managed to send a signal radiotelegraph from England to Canada, supported by 17 Tesla patents.

The Tesla project was more ambitious promising, but the damage has already been done. Investors have focused their attention on Marconi and J.P. Morgan refused to give Tesla more money.

Tesla's tower became a mole not usable which eventually collapsed in 1917.

Before his defeat, perhaps the greatest of his career. Tesla could not just blame and "weak world, blind and dubious" because he did not support his project, which could change the world forever.

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