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That's not over! The government confirms that it is withdrawing the "Jungle Headquarters" from La Araucanía

He's not coming anymore. President Sebastián Piñera confirmed this Saturday after attending Cabinet of Quillotas that the government has decided to withdraw special units from the La Araucanía tip.

"I can expect GOPE to leave, but we will strengthen the special forces in La Araucanía, which are forces that are in all regions of the country and are particularly necessary in La Araucanía," the president said.

So the so-called Jungle Command, which was introduced by a great fan by the president himself on June 28, ended his work in the conflict zone in the south after many strokes brought by the Catrillanca case.

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Yes, said LaMond leader, the withdrawal of the Carabineros GOPE team, will be accompanied by the strengthening of special forces in this area. He also added that "we will strengthen the La Araucanía Plan in four pillars, dialogue and agreements, socio-economic development, revaluation and recognition of native population and security."

The decision would be paved after the departure of Carabineros, the chief inspector for security and security, Christiano Franzani, a fact that had become known on Friday and which was to question his actions after the death of a member of the Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca community. This has made it possible for police restructuring in this area to be possible.

Mayor Ercilly José Vilugrón said he expects "signs of peace" and one of the main reasons for La Moneda to step out of his community, known as the Red Zone of Territorial Conflict, a dedicated team uniformed police that carried out the murder of Catrillanca, with subsequent irregularities that stood for Luis Mayol and Franzani.


Andrés Chadwick, Minister of the Interior, and another character questioned by GOPE's participation in La Araucanía, explained that the Government's decision is explained because "by strengthening and strengthening the Special Forces Zone, we can achieve better security results and provide assurance that the processes are effective ".

"We are always willing to examine things to improve things, and there are situations where regulations have not been respected," the State Secretary added.

On the other hand, the rating of Héctor Llaitul, spokesperson for Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM), was less favorable. "The appeal of the jungle headquarters is a sign of the failure of the right-wing government to deal with the historic conflict in the Mapuche country, especially when the strengthening of the Special Forces Carabineros in the conflict zones is announced," he said. to Radio Biobío.

In this regard, Llaitul added that "such a measure in favor of foresters will only increase the territorial dispute with Mapuchem's resistance and the conflict will intensify."

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