The actual number of redundancies should be 450

"We are aware that these measures may be painful, but we have an obligation to put the company ahead," the company said in a statement.

ANDStill, there is an exact number of Magellan workers who are no longer part of the National Petroleum Company (Enap) after the state administration board of directors this week approved the redundancy plan submitted by the administration that will affect the 10% signing grant.

As stated by La Prensa Austral in its yesterday's edition, since September 2017, the company's positions were made up of 3,324 people – executive, inefficient and transitional plans – divided into national subsidiaries Enap Santiago (286), Ersa Aconcagua (837), Enap Magallanes ), Ersa Biobio (791); Ersa Dao (99) and Sipetrol (63), while the number of these associates reaches 425 associates in international, ie Argentina (262); Ecuador (129) and Egypt (34). Both blocks include 3,749 people as an add-on.

In this manner and in the established ratio, it is estimated that the number of redundancies would be around 400 people. However, during the day of the Labor Day, yesterday, it was found that the actual numbers would be in the order of 450 redundancies.

It was also known that the seniority of the worker would be among the criteria set by the administration to initiate the process; the need or non-maintenance of the management position, lacking sufficient staff under his command; duplication of functions and repetition of medical licenses, among others.

Enap claims:
"Bad results"

Regarding this issue, the company issued a statement in which, although it does not detail the number of intended redundancies – and therefore did not know what the distribution would be – if the arguments that led to the determination were raised. "As the company informed its employees and also publicly, Enap saw worsening results due to a sharp decline in international refinancing margins, in addition to a significant increase in oil prices that caused higher production costs. There is also a sustained debt ratio that is higher than the company's generation costs, "the company said.

Similarly, the document claims that information on the presence of the state was transmitted – through the administration's commitment – to the employees of the company in a transparent and detailed manner so as to be aware of the current difficult reality. "That's why we are working on all fronts to overcome this sensitive economic situation, and we are working on a plan to urgently reduce the cash deficit, reduce costs and scrutinize investments without jeopardizing the operational continuity and security of our facilities. efforts to increase the company's productivity. "

costs and subsidies

In addition to the above, Enap explained that the next year's outlook suggests that this cost reduction effort should continue in the different areas of society. For this purpose, the optimization of the same as a basic need arises, and as part of the initiatives involved, the company analyzes an adjustment plan, which according to the oil company: "along with other measures, will increase efficiency, streamline decision making and flatten the organization seeking a higher level of productivity and ensuring the company's viability by building a new business model that allows for better results and a greater contribution to the development of our country. "

She has finished, suggesting that companies focus on planning details, depending on the goal of achieving better results for the signature. "We are in full analysis, so we do not expect to take action as it turns out in December. We are aware that these measures can be painful, but we believe we have an obligation to put the future of society forward, doing what is necessary for greater productivity, contributing to the country and fulfilling its commitments to the region and to all Chileans ",

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