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The car market recorded its first drop in more than two years

In the second half of the year, sales of vehicles amounted to 33,518 units, a decline of 2.7% compared to the same period of the previous year, the first decline since April 2016.

One of the data the government has done to say the country is experiencing a good economic moment is data on car sales. And it is that this market continues to produce records every month, but this time the situation was different.

According to data from the National Automobile Association of Chile (Anac), in the penultimate month of the year, 33 518 vehicles were sold on the local market, which is 2.7% lower than the same period last year, marking the first low value since April 2016.

In any case, with the number reached last month, sales in the year reached 382,057 cars and already exceeded everything that was achieved in 2017, despite the fact that the sale in December still remains, historically high month sales of cars.

In more detail, SUVs continue to dominate the Chilean elections, as it has already reached 135,000 cars this year, an increase of almost 30% compared to the same period of last year.

The market still dominates Chevrolet, which has an 8.7% market share, followed by Suzuki with 8% and Hyundai with 7.8%.

Tanner's automotive division explained that "this fall in growth in new car sales is part of the cycle due to the speed at which the industry is growing but it is not alarming, remember that November went off on Day 5 and also faced a dollar appreciation," he said regional manager José Manuel González.

"This lower activity in new vehicles is expected to boost sales of used cars as they are inverse growth markets, and although there has been moderate performance in the past two years, there is tremendous growth potential both in sales and in financing," he added.

However, they predicted that "in the next few months, there will likely be normalization in the market with a slight increase in sales of new cars after several months of progress, creating a very challenging benchmark."

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