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The cheap shoe store cheats with influences with fake luxury local

There are few people who are willing to pay more for just being something exclusive, precious and therefore luxurious. In fact, it uses US trade Free of charge.

The creation of a website and the Instagram account was in fact sufficient for a shoemaking company to join a group of influential social media who decided to take part in the inauguration of a new non-existent business. In addition, at least one came to pay up to $ 640 (about $ 430,000 in Chilean pesos) for shoes that are really very cheap.

CNN announced that everything was part of a viral campaign that motivated the creation of a new fake luxury business called "Palessi", which was located in the Los Angeles shopping mall. For the opening ceremony 80 invitations were invited, racks were filled with cheap Payless boots, prices rose under the illusion of exclusivity and the rest was a two-day history of false opening.

Among the influential people's comments, stories about "sophisticated" footwear presented in the store could be captured and even claimed to cost up to $ 500 for shoes, which in fact will not exceed $ 19.99 (about $ 13,500 pesos).

In total, they sold $ 3,000 in both days, but all money was returned to influential people. Even in Payless, the coaxial effects were left with their shoes and paid a small amount for attending. And, of course, back the company got the ad to show that their affordable shoes are also fashionable.

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