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The current relationship of the two doomed as shot dead by Frei Montalv and PUC

Two doctors Helmar Rosenberg and Sergio Gonzalez are two out of six convicted in the case of murder against former President Eduard Frei Montalv. These two specialists were dealt with as intermediaries. According to the ruling, "both of them are acting in a maneuver of the former president on clearing and are safely sending their internal organs to the Institute of Public Health." In other words, his responsibility for murdering former President Eduard Frei Montalv is related to two episodes: embalming the body and hiding an autopsy. While Rosenberg was already an experienced physician, at that time Gonzalez was a man.

Sergio González Bombardier trained generations of UC doctors. He is recognized among students for being the only teacher in his subject. His specialty is pathological anatomy. He is Professor PUC, the highest academic category a professor at the university can achieve. In fact, the same school defines this category: "Professor UC is an academic who demonstrates a clear commitment to the mission of the university and its principles." Gonzalez also has three bachelor courses in Medicine UC, three branches for pathological anatomy.

In his decision, Alejandro Madrid concluded: "The previous precedents allow this court to verify adequately the involvement of the accused accused Sergio Gonzalez Bombardier as a cover for the assassination of former President Eduardo Frei Montalva,

Madrid came to the same conclusion about Helmar Rosenberg, another major physician at the PUC. Rosenberg is one of the most prominent professors of this faculty, and his specialty is also a pathological anatomy, but he is currently retired. Rosenberg, together with other specialists, was awarded the Medal Award in 2015, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Pathology Anatomy Laboratory at UC.

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