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The meningitis B vaccine divides public health

Vaccine against meningitis B divides Spanish public health. Autonomní společenství as Canary Islands and Castile and León They decided to fund it from public funds Andalusia intends to "integrate it as far as possible by 2020 or 2021", as Jesús Aguirre, Councilor for Health and Family, has announced. However, other regions, such as the Ministry of Health, have excluded this vaccine from public funding that may be foreseen for private individuals costs around 400 euros and is administered with three doses in the first 12 months of newborn life.

Commission for Public HealthMinistries and health departments of different autonomous communities meet, giving a general green light last Thursday tetravalent vaccine , which protects 12-year-olds from A, C, W and Y. However, he missed B, who has children as one of his main goals.

As the ministry justifies, an attitude against generalized meningitis B vaccination was adopted "taking into account. T epidemiological situation concurrently with the available vaccine information, which shows a short duration of protection after vaccination, absence of protection in the unvaccinated population, lack of efficacy data and high reactivity when administered with calendar vaccines, childhood stage.

Versions affected

Due to the technical criteria of most of the Public Health Commission, groups of affected and pediatric patients are located. Spanish association against meningitis considers the progress he made with positive positive progress, but then asks, “What do we say to parents who have lost their baby for meningitis B in the coming months?

From Spanish Pediatric Association (AEP) is also appreciated for public funding of the tetravalent, but at the same time it reminds of the special "virulence and lethality" of all meningitis in the early years of life, including type B. doctors Federico Martinón-Torres, Head of the Pediatric Service of the University Clinical Hospital of Santiago de Compostela, "the policy of Spanish meningococcal vaccination is inadequate" and adds, t «Better security than regret»,

Critics blame the health ministry's decisions on financing causes. AEP recommends vaccination against meningococcus B from 3 months.


Meningitis B is a disease that causes it in Spain 300 infections per yearof which about 10% are fatal and another 20% have serious physical consequences, including leg or arm amputation, blindness or deafness. It is a very low fire, but serious consequences, especially in children. The fact that vaccine costs reach € 400 for individuals means, as the Spanish association against meningitis has pointed out, the risk that meningitis B comes from social inequalityaffecting the poorest areas.

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