The National Videogames Museum shows the running Mini Vectrex console

It is a unique device from the 80s that existed only in rumors.

In the 1980s, the console was known as Vectrex which included some innovative features such as the integrated screen and vector graphics, but unfortunately was in 1983 a victim of the so-called videogame crisis.

Interestingly, the Edge magazine in 2003 revealed the alleged existence of a Vectrex Mini that the fan saw a mini console on the chair of the production company during a tour of the facility in the early 1980s.

Even 8 years ago, someone who claimed to be related to the person who worked with Milton Bradley shared some of the scanned images of the alleged Mini Vectrex, which somehow reinforced the idea that the product was at least in the planning stage.


Although the Vectrex Mini Fair has only mentioned in fairy tales, we now have the National Museum of Video Games in Frisco, Texas, completely confirming their existence because they have managed to get the prototype of their collectionover Gizmodo).

And for those who doubted its credibility, the museum even renewed the facility and did the job, as you can see in the video below:

The miniature version of the Vectrex console comes with a screen, controls and even integrates the handle to hold it from the top and transfer it so it definitely looks like a device that was the inspiration for today's notebooks such as Nintendo Switch.

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