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The patient attacks a doctor in Victoria

Victoria's City Health Users will not have health care for 48 hours, after paralyzing officials to protest the attack on a doctor, a patient who is detained for a moment of fury.

In serious injuries after a user attack, with a violent profile requesting the surrender of a prescription, a doctor from the family health center, Victoria.

The incident occurred after noon, in the circumstances when a physician at the Patricio Benitez hospital attended, a medical practitioner, when I violently, when the aggressor took the computer, he threw a doctor who received a cut that required stitches.

As for the incident, President Ferfusam Carlos Mena suggested that "the user invaded a physician who had attended a child within a month and threw himself at him, throwing a computer, smashing his head, a sore of medium severity that had to be saturated, about 6 cm Relevant statements were made on the case and the aggressor was detained. "

Physical attacks on healthcare personnel during the year 2018 reached ten reported cases, numbers that increased much more, events that were not reported, or verbal aggression that are daily affected by officials.

The head of city health workers as a result of the case announced that "the day of paralysis and reflection is taking place according to the Assembly's decision, until Friday, all Victoria's public health, about 300 officials."

Patients who do not receive treatment are responsible for the medical centers of Victoria Traguen and Selva Oscura. Except 7 seats in the countryside.

The aggressor will be present at the hearing to check the legality of custody in the Victorian Guarantee Court. The prosecutor in the employment relationship will ask for preventive detention in his case, and an order that prohibits the patient from approaching the infected physician.

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