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The piercing in his nose ended and left a young paraplegic

When she celebrated Layane Dias last July when she got her internship in practice and was planning a trip with her family, she could not imagine what was going to happen to her.

At the age of only 20 years she went through what she thought the worst part of his life,

A few days after the beginning of his practice, he began to feel very severe back pain. He had to resort to drugs to get to work. But they did not work.

He felt weak and finished an internship.

The pain was worse than it was unable to move legsAnd finally the rest of the body.

"You can not feel anything from your breasts down"said BBC Brazil.

According to his story, the neurosurgeon who visited her explained that he calls him bacteria Staphylococcus aureuswith, who can transmit blood disease, has entered the body with infections.

"The doctor asked if I had a wound on my nose or something, because, as he explained to me, the bacteria are usually formed in the nostrils. piercing in the nose in the previous month. "

The doctor did not hesitate, reminds a young woman.

"The piercing was the entrance door of the bacterium into your body," he told me, listening to what confused me. "


Layane always liked the piercings.

"Three times I put one on the right side of my nose."

But in June he decided to change and become one on the left. First Blood has come out during drilling,

It also increased and caused the tip of the nose to be red, but it did not give him much meaning.

"I thought it was just grain, but it gave me a fever, I cared for it myself, I applied ointments and disappeared a week later."

Dermatologist Alessandra Romiti points out that the complications resulting from the a piercing usually manifest themselves only in the area where the earrings are placed,

What happened to Dias was odd.

One day he awoke with great backache,

"I was not important, I thought it was something muscular, I took a cure but the pain was still there, intense, the pain continued another day, even stronger, my mother took me to the pharmacy, I injected something and the pain disappeared It was relief, "he says.

The pain came back the next night, but I managed to reduce my medication. So, a few days.

Until now has become too strongThen he decided to go to the doctor.

X-ray radiation was done on the back, but the doctor did not see any abnormalities, although the young woman continued to experience intense pain in this part of her body.

The next day, after awakening from the palms, I could not feel my feet,


They took her to the hospital.

"The doctor ordered blood and urine tests, and the results showed it I had a blood infection"says a young woman.

The doctor started to feel her leg but felt nothing.

Her case was classified as serious and was transferred to a hospital in the capital of Brazil.

"Pain became stronger, but doctors could not diagnose me accurately," she recalls with anxiety.

He had to use morphine to withstand pain, but he also hallucinated and one of the doctors stopped treatment.

MRI showed it had 500 milliliters of pus between the three vertebrae that pushed his spinal cord,

She was urgently operated to remove the fluid.

Surgeon responsible for surgery, Dr. Oswaldo Ribeiro Marquez, says that although it is rare, It is possible that a piercing cause paraplegia,

"It may occur when there is a complication in the process," he says, when he admits he has not seen such a thing during his fifteen-year clinical experience.

"The patient underwent a skin procedure that caused an infection that allowed bacteria to enter the bloodstream and was not previously affected by back pain, so it is very likely that the problem was caused by bacteria found in his blood," explains the neurologist.

Ribeiro Marquez believes that "it is very likely and possible," that piercing left Layane paraplegic, although only a genetic study can identify the true causes.

Avoid death

The operation to which the young woman was subjected was intended remove pus that compressed the bone marrow spinal, but actually tried to avoid more serious consequences.

"This procedure has stopped the progression of paraplegia, which could widen, pus could cause an infection that could kill her, and when the fluid was removed, decompression of the cavity and improvement of the patient's image," he explains. surgeon

After surgery, Layan he did not feel it again as an unbearable pain who has been accompanying him in recent weeks.

The conversation with the doctor showed her clearly what had brought her to the present situation. The piercing, blood, infection and do not come help in time.

The student does not plan to take any legal action against an institution or expert who has placed ongoing proceedings but expects to be more concerned about the health of their clients.

Life in a wheelchair

He must stay in the hospital for two months before being released. Already during his recovery at the hospital, he knew he could not safely walk again.

You know you can stay your whole life on a wheelchair It was one of the most difficult moments.

"I was destroyed," she admits.

Today he has physiotherapy but also a psychologist.

Ribeiro Marquez have the belief that the girl will restore mobility in her legs, but adds that it is too early to speculate.

Meanwhile, Dias learned to live with his new state.

"I met other young people on wheelchairs and saw that I could be happy, I'm playing basketball and handball today," he says.

His life is now very different from what he used to be, but he learns to cope with it.

In January, a young woman published her experience with several photos on Instagram. The story quickly became a virus, and Dias began to acquire followers. Up to 20 thousand more in a few days.

But she says she did not tell the story to prevent people from happening piercing if you want

"What I want is Be more carefulThat they choose the place where they are going. And that those who make perforations are very careful with hygienic measures, "he says.

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