The Secret of America's Lottery in the American Lottery, which won no prize

Chance to win was just one of 302,575,350.

And on Oct. 23, Simpsonville, South Carolina, managed to get 6 game numbers Mega Millions which earned the largest single prize in the history of the United States: about $ 1,500 million.

The winning ticket was sold at a small supermarket in the city whose owner said what had happened was good for the community.

The local mayor, Janice Curtis, also celebrated the message because she believed that the award would award Simpsonville "on the map".

Two months later, however, the lucky buyer's ticket did not seem to have claimed his prize,

What happened?

Take it or lose it

In accordance with the draw rules, the winner receives 180 days to win.

This means that the deadline for its validity is extended until next April.

However, it is unclear why he left two months to go without paying it.


"It's unusual, given that it's about $ 1,500 million"Holli Armstrong, a spokeswoman for South Carolina state lottery, told the local press.

Sometimes winners of lottery prizes delay their collection, deciding which strategy is best.

Earlier this year, a woman from Hampshire won $ 560 million in the game PowerballAnother favorite lottery encouraged the judge to remain anonymous.

She wanted to be able to continue her normal life without being recognizedas a millionaire with all the consequences that this means. However, his state's law required his identity to be publicly disclosed in order to obtain a prize.

In the case of South Carolina, the situation varies, because it is possible to charge and remain anonymous. But that was not what happened.

The reasons may therefore be different.

It is possible that the winner is looking for legal and financial advice. Or he does not know what to do with such a price because such a price can affect his life in many ways.


The stories of people who have not been able to handle the price of them are rare, so what seemed to have the blessing turned into a tragedy.

A good example is Billie Bob Harrel Jr., who won $ 31 million in 1997 and ended suicide, Shortly before he told his financial advisors that "the win in the lottery was the worst what happened to him."

Another man in the United States, who won twice, ended up in a trailer.

However, it is also possible that the winner simply lost the ticket.

If the price is not claimed, lThe funds will be distributed among the lotteries of 44 participating countries that they will receive resources commensurate with what they have contributed, and that they will be able to decide how to provide these money.

So far, the winner still has about four months to claim his winning ticket.

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